Monday, 28 March 2011

Tread Lightly Tuesday

Let me introduce to to the Keep Cup (if you haven't already met) it's a cute reusable coffee cup!

This cup is a solution to a eco-problem that many of us probably didn't know we had - take-away coffee cups are really not environmentally friendly, they're not even recyclable - who knew?! Apparently the people who designed these beauties! You can read more about what's wrong with disposable cups on their website or be truly alarmed by the impact on the world's water supply that a single take-away coffee has, by watching this video by WWF, I found posted by Thelma Magazine.

The Keep Cup is available to buy in lots of places in Melbourne, I've also seen it for sale in country Victoria. But you can order one directly from the company online and you can even design one yourself here, which is a lot of fun! For Valentine's Day I got the bf to design one and had it delivered, you can take a look at it here on his blog.  If you don't like the style or design of the Keep Cup, there are other brands offering similar alternatives. My sister bought me a ceramic and silicone version for my birthday which is also quite nice.

By investing in one of these cute cups, you're taking a small step towards reducing waste and an even bigger step if you're a coffee addict!

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