Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lucky Charm. Making Good Fortune Happen.

Today I discovered the Lucky Charm. Making Good Fortune Happen fundraiser...a very happy accident! Basically it's an online auction of generously donated contemporary jewellery pieces to raise money for Red Cross Australia's Disaster Relief and Rescue Services (you can read more about it here). The jewellers who have donated their work are all well-known contemporary jewellery artists, many of which have inspired me during my Metals and Jewellery degree. So I recommend you take a peek at this fundraiser and maybe even place a bid to support a good cause and acquire a gorgeous piece of contemporary jewellery in the process.

I still haven't decided which piece (pieces!) I will bid on, but here are some of my favourites:

Beautiful, simple, delicate - I love it!

I just the love the tiny silver thimble! With my mother being a quilter and sewer, I'm naturally drawn to anything that references these crafts.

This piece is phenomenal! I can't imagine the hours spent at the bench pin, pain-staking cutting this piece out. It's bold, beautiful, intricate and dramatic!

I absolutely love this piece! I saw Guiney's wonderful exhibition "Precious Nothing" in Craft Victoria in 2008 and fell in love with her work. For the exhibition Guiney cast found objects through-out Melbourne in gold and turned them into wearable pieces, like this brooch. It was one of the first contemporary jewellery exhibitions I ever saw and was really inspiring, especially for some of the first pieces I produced while completing my major.

Julia deVille's work is amazing and truly unique, which is probably why her work is so well-known around the world. I love that she explores the concept of Momento Mori through jewellery, referencing Victorian mourning jewellery. To own one of her pieces would be amazing!

I can't get enough of the oxidized silver contrasted with bright polished silver and I just love how delicate this piece looks.  

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