Saturday, 26 March 2011

Op Shop Finds

This weekend I'm off visiting my family in country Victoria. Today my little sister and I hit up the local op shops and we scored big! So I thought I'd share with you some of my finds from today:

This chiffon scarf is just gorgous; a little retro, has polka dots and is my favourite colour!

So I was told by two ladies we met in the op shop that this made me look frumpy, but they had just seen me try on two party dresses. I like it, it's conservative but fits really nicely and was brand new! I'm thinking that it'll be a nice thing to wear to work.


This shiny, silver party dress looked so good was love at first sight (or try on)!

Another silver party dress! Yep I love silver jewellery and silver dresses!

This Witchery dress is also really nice and it's in really good condition.

This dress is lovely, it's kind of a formal, silk maxi dress. And I just love the pattern, it looks like a modern take on a vintage fabric.

So if you didn't read my previous post on my dress addiction it's still becomes pretty clear from this post that I'm a dress addict! I got the scraf and the dresses for only $35, so I'm pretty hapy about that! I also acquired 6 records for the bf who has an ever expanding record collection, as a little surprise.

I've also been working on my sister's deb jewellery while I've been here, so I'll share some photos of the finished pieces tomorrow.

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  1. Chrissie, that Witchery dress is beautiful. Can't wait to seeya flauntin that hot stuff in it.