Thursday, 17 March 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

Tea towels are something we all need; they don't have to be pretty, cute, funny or clever, they just have to be functional but they can be both! Here are some of my favourite handmade tea towels, and if you ask me they're almost too good to use!

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1. This gorgeous, funny, instructional tea towel by Allira Tee on Madeit would be great fun in a family home or would also make a great gift for the teen who's leaving home.

2.  I love the tea towels and other goodies available from Girls Can Tell on Etsy, the architectural nature of her illustrations is just beautiful and reminds me of doing Visual Communication & Design in high school. I especially love this one...because it's jewellery!

3.  This beautiful patterned tea towel is timeless and elegant and I just love the colour. They are designed and printed in Australia by Brilliant Trees Collective on Madeit.

4. I fell in love with this hilarious "Dishes I'd Rather be Doing" tea towel by Dear Colleen on Etsy the moment I saw it! It's funny, cheeky and a little inappropriate! The perfect gift for your single girlfriends or for a hen's party!

5. Another beautiful tea towel from Dear Colleen on Etsy! I promise I'm not trying to play favourites but I just couldn't leave either of these beauties out! I really love this towel; the graphic, the humour - I want to hang this one on my wall!

6. This tea towel is also timeless and elegant but much more minimalist and simplistic in it's style. It's handmade by The Lime Shop on Etsy and would make a great gift for any woman.

7. Great advice from the humble tea towel by The Heated on Etsy. Fun, clever and bright red - perfect!

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