Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Crafting with Leftovers

Today I made this out of leftovers:

And by leftovers I mean, things leftover from other craft projects or just from everyday life. Yep, one thing I love about being crafty is being able to save things from the trash and turn them into something beautiful.

What did I start with?
-a frame from my grandmother that was quite ugly, it had no glass or backing board (I think it actually came out of my grandfather's shed and she gave it to me knowing I'd do something creative with it)
-chipboard leftover from what I believe was packaging, probably from the post containing something that wasn't meant to be bent
-white card, leftover from another project
-bright blue fabric leftover from my mother's quilting/sewing projects
-blue and white paint leftover from various other projects
-and of course craft glue and the trusty glue gun

So basically I painted the frame, which worked wonders for it! I honestly can't believe how nice it looks now compared to how it was before. I wish I'd taken a before photo to prove it, next time I'll know better. Out of the fabric I made yo-yos/suffolk puffs. Then I cut down the chipboard to fit the back of the frame, covered it with the nice white card and then hot glued it onto the frame. Last of all I centered the yo-yos on the card and glued them into place with the craft glue. It was quite easy to make and I'm very happy with the result.

But I soon found myself with a problem...I had lots of leftover blue paint from painting the frame. I couldn't pour it back into the bottle because I'd mixed the blue paint with the white and it was now a totally different shade. Hmmmm...what else can I paint...it totally defeats the eco-crafty vibe I have going now if I throw away all this paint...sigh...what can I paint?

And then I saw it...a pile of old, no-longer usable business cards that my mum had given me from her work...BINGO!

Now, if you're not crafty you're probably wondering why on earth my mum had given me these business cards...but basically if you're crafty almost everyone you know will start giving you things to use in your crafts, especially when they start seeing the things you do them. And you, yourself start to save random things to use in your crafts...then eventually you are a bowerbird, living in a pile of random "to use one day in my craft" objects...

Back to the topic at hand...so I used up the leftover paint to paint the business cards, annoyingly they were double-sided so this took a little longer than I wanted. Then once dry I pulled out the stamps and got decorating! Here are some of my faves:


I think they turned out quite nicely and would be great as little notecards or as gift tags with a hole punched in the corner!

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