Sunday, 24 July 2011

I love pinterest!

If you're anything like me chances are you find find so much inspiration/tutorials/things to read on the net that you're favourites bar is so full your internet freezes just by trying to open it! Not exactly ideal. So when I heard about Pinterest I got excited! If you haven't heard about it, it's a website that allows you to create virtual pin boards. You can create pin boards under any theme you like and then you can follow the image back to it's original source. But as if that wasn't great enough you can follow other people's boards, re-pin images from other people's boards, re-tweet your pins...etc! While I haven't quite mastered the following of other people's boards and the re-pinning etc (which is probably a good thing, as I'd never leave the computer) I am simply in love with pinterest!

1 comment:

  1. i just posted about how much i love pinterest too! so inspirin :)