Saturday, 14 May 2011

One Crazy Week!

This week has been really crazy for me, it was great fun...but I am glad it's over and that everything ran pretty smoothly.

It started out with a relaxing weekend up at Mum's in the country, celebrating Mother's Day. Sunday arvo I was back in the city for the weekly grocery shopping and mountain of ironing for the next week of work. Monday night I popped back to the country to celebrate my Brother's 20th Birthday! Tuesday night was my tax, fun, fun! Wednesday my work had an open day, mainly so people could bring their kids to work but I went against the grain and invited the bf and my Mum. It was nice to be able to show them where I work and take them around the office. Then we went down to Degrave's Street for some yummy dinner at a little Italian place, got caught in the rain and ended up browsing the amazingly vast collection of magazines at Mag Nation. Thursday night I graduated! I got to wear the cap and gown and get my 2 degrees in front of my family and bf. It felt so odd to wear the cap and gown after seeing it only in movies and on TV. Here are some photos of me on the night:


Friday night I participated in the annual work pub crawl, we had to register teams and come dressed as a character from a children's movie. My group was 101 Dalmatians so I dressed up as a little puppy, no pictures to share yet though. I had an amazing night out with about 100 people from work but it was weird seeing my senior managers and directors dressed up as The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy etc. Hilarious!

Saturday morning the bf and I decided to slow down a bit and have a relaxing morning with a nice big sleep in and breakfast out. We went to Tom Phat and it was amazing, I highly recommend it but be warned it's amazingness is well known and you might have to wait a bit for a table!

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