Monday, 25 April 2011

Tread Lightly Tuesday

In my last Tread Lightly Tuesday post I talked about how putting things out for recycling is only part of the cycle in recycle and that in order to keep the cycle going you actually have to buy things made from recycled materials. In my last post I discussed the basics; toilet paper, tissues and paper towel. Today I'm going to talk about something more exciting - recycled silver!

Recycled silver is silver that has been previously used for something else and has been melted down, refined and turned into new sterling silver sheet, solder, wire etc, which can then be turned into something beautiful to wear. By using recycled silver, new silver does not need to be mined, a process which can be devastating to not only the earth but also to the people who live/lived near the area being mined.

Being a jewellery-addict, silver-smith and eco-lover can usually become hypocritical as most jewellery is not environmentally friendly or even socially responsible. (This one thing I'm working on reconciling in my business over the year or so to come, but that's a different post altogether!) But thankfully when it comes to recycled silver you can be kinder to the environment and wear some gorgeous jewellery. And if you purchase a handmade piece, such as those below from Etsy or Madeit, you know you've also supported an individual artist rather than a large corporation.

So, here are some of my favourite handmade recycled silver pieces, enjoy!

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