Monday, 4 April 2011

First Day

Today I started my full-time, grown-up, 9-5 job. It was really good and went surprisingly quickly. Having done some work there in the summer of '09 it was great to see some familiar faces starting with me, which made the experience much more enjoyable.

But this morning on the tram into the city, I got more and more nervous as I approached Collins St and even more nervous as I walked towards the office. It wasn't just butterflies, it was the kinda nervous that makes you want to throw up, pass out and run in the opposite direction (which of course would be difficult if you did throw up and pass out)...But it got me thinking, none of us like being nervous and most of us probably try to avoid being in situations that make us nervous, yet anything that gives us such a strong reaction (like the nerves I had this morning) is worth paying attention to - good or bad - because you usually learn something about yourself from it. Today I learnt that I really cared about this job, about keeping it, being good at it, I care about the people there, the ones I've met and the ones I'll meet. I may not know if I really want to be an accountant for the rest of my working life, but for now, I care about this job, it's important to me and it's an important journey for me to take even if I don't know where I'll end up. So next time you're so nervous you want to run and hide or throw up or be invisible...accept these feelings and learn something from them...being nervous is part of life and remember "this too, shall pass".

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