Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tread Lightly Tuesday

All natural, eco-friendly make-up remover may sound like a pipe dream but it's amazing just how simple it can be - just use organic cold-pressed coconut oil! This beautiful oil smells like coconuts and is full of good stuff for your skin. The oil is a liquid at body temperature and a solid at temperatures colder which means it melts on your hands making it also a lovely massage oil. But back to make-up removal, simply grab a little bit of the solid oil and rub over your face (it will melt into a liquid oil during this process) and remove the make-up with a warm facecloth. Then if you like you can rub a little more of the oil over your face to moisturize your skin. I've found this method works well even with chemical filled waterproof mascara's that are notoriously hard to get off. And I've found jars of this great oil at about $8 for about 500ml, which is a bargain compared to your traditional store-bought make-up removers. Rubbing oil on your face may take some getting used to, especially if like me, you have oily skin to begin with but the benefits are definitely worth it.

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