Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Neglected Again...

Once again this blog has been neglected for far too long. It started when the bf and I went over our downloads and spiralled out of control from there…

So the highlights since I've been awol from the blog (apart from spending time with friends and family and the bf) have been a weekend down at Dormana with the bf. This included a lot of op-shopping and looking at vintage/thrift stores as well as lots of eating! The bf and I also had a lovely drive around Kyneton/Trentham/Daylesford area, the bf is from Tretham and we went to school in Kyneton, it's amazing to see how much things have changed since we grew up there...

Some of the great finds from the trips include:

A beautiful bangle, a pile of blue buttons (some of which are vintage and the same as ones my mum has from my great grandmother!)

A pile of vintage pillowcases and a gorgeous vintage mint necklace.

And some beautiful vintage keys!!

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