Friday, 24 June 2011

Fabulous Friday Finds

With the days getting colder and colder I thought I'd share some lovely handmade pieces to keep you warm this Winter - enjoy!

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1. The Kwan Medium Cowl Neckwarmer in Dark Red Merino Wool by Tracce. These cowl neckwarmers seem to be quite popular at the moment, they look great and very cosy!

2. I love wearing dresses, but in winter it's very hard to find lovely dresses that are easy to layer so I can keep warm. This Beautiful Dress in Purple and Black by My Lola Fashion looks like it would work well in winter or spring and would transition from work to play very well.

3. The Everyday Dress by Artaffect also looks like a great dress for layering. I love how versatile this dress is!

4. These Tubeway Armies Arm Warmers by Gaye Abandon are made out of recycled 100% wool jumpers. They're perfect for keeping your arms and hands warm, but your fingers free for those touch-screen gadgets!

5. I love the open-knit, design and colour of the Forest Folk Slouch Beanie in Violet by Talk 2 the Trees.

6. Half-jacket, half-hoodie! I love the Crossley Jacket Asymmetrical Hoodie by Stitch and Bolt for its unique design and for being made out of 100% organic cotton.

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