Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Spoiling Myself

In order to celebrate my frist full-time, grown-up job I decided to spend (some) of my first pay cheque on buying myself a lovely piece of jewellery. I settled on a ring, seeing as I don't have many, my ring making skills need a bit of refining so it's not something I'd be able to make myself straight away and I can look at it  all day, when I'm busy and work. After much searching on Etsy I finally settled on this beautiful faceted amethyst ring in sterling silver from Erin Jane Designs

Isn't it beautiful?!

It's made out of recycled sterling silver, so it's a more environmentally friendly and the amethyst is a HUGE 8mm in diameter, purple is by far my favourite colour and amethyst is my birthstone...all of which made this the perfect ring.

Anyway it arrived today and I couldn't be happier! It's more beautiful than in Erin's photos (above)!
I have a feeling it'll quickly become my most worn piece of jewellery!

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