Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yesterday I had an effphiany when reading this blog post: Don't turn your "want to's" into "have to's". I do this. I turn things that I wanted to do into things that are stressful and have to get done. I hadn't realised this before but reading this post I discovered I do this and it's a real problem. So I'm going to try to change this habbit - by trying to be more grateful, more relaxed and by putting less pressure on myself...

On the subject of good blog posts to read, I also recommend this one: THIS IS SHOW TIME: My manifesto, on NOT being vanilla, on never being the last to leave and knowing when to take center stage. It's a well-written inspiring post on living life, being yourself and being the best version of yourself. This is my favourite bit in the post:
Wear your odd-shaped, over-sized, bleeding heart on your sleeve- you know why we don't do that? Because we're afraid to. Because we think "reserved" and "controlled" are appealing to the general "palette" you know what else is preferred by the "general palette?" VANILLA. And, we're afraid people will gag on chocolate-covered-Bing-cherries, with a side of cookie dough. Or, that they'll throw it out. BE SOMEONES PREFERRED FLAVOR. You don't have to be "everyone's" vanilla.
I LOVE this bit, but how can you not love a good ice-cream analogy, especially when it's as insightful as this?

Lastly my copy of *Bespoke* arrived yesterday! I'm trying to savour it and have only read about half of it, I'm in love (but that's no surprise)! If you haven't heard of *Bespoke* it's an Australian zine about "handmade, art, photography, craft, micro-business, creativity, community, vintage, up-cycling and re-purposing" and I highly recommend it if you're interested in these topics. You can purchase it online here or find it in one of these stores.

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